Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need the domain & hosting package?

    BN WebServices is offering this package so you don’t have to know the ins and outs of buying a domain and hosting. Basically, we take the frustration and learning something new (which we are sure you don’t have time for) so you can focus on your business. Package includes cost of domain, hosting and any technical problems that may arise.

  • Can you register more than one domain?

    Yes we can register more than one domain. Please contact us for pricing.

  • Why does the package cost so much?

    The package includes the cost of domain and hosting. Domain registation depends on the type of domain. Most domains will cost up to $40 / year. Hosting starts at $100 / year. The remaining $109 is for setting up the hosting, connecting it to the domain, addressing any technical issues that may arise, making sure email accounts are setup properly, and more.

  • What is a Domain?

    Domain name is where someone goes to view your website. For example, the domain name of this website is Typically a domain name is registered (purchased) for one year or longer.

  • What is Hosting?

    Hosting is where your domain lives (like a house) but on a computer server. There is a building (likely multiple buildings) that houses thousands of servers (computers for storing website information). Much like this image:

    servers in a building
  • Can you help me if I purchased my domain and hosting through a different company?

    BN WebServices will gladly work with your current domain / hosting company. If you want to take advantage of this package deal, we will transfer the domain and purchase hosting through GoDaddy. Contact us for pricing.

  • What are some technical problems that may arise?

    There are many technical problems that could arise and too many to list. Here are a few that may arise:

    • Re-install WordPress
    • Email server conflicts (or other email issues)
    • DNS (Domain Name System) Issues
    • Bandwidth Caps
    • other Bandwidth issues
    • Website Backup
    • Sub domain issues (

    Remember this is not an exhaustible list. Basically, if any problems arise, let us know and we will deal with GoDaddy to get the problem resolved. Our turn around time is 1 business day or less. We understand emergencies (with domain and hosting) and do our best to get problems resolved as quickly as possible.

  • What is the turnaround time when an issue arises?

    BN WebServices understands emergencies (with domain and hosting) and do our best to get problems resolved as quickly as possible. It is our goal to get ALL issues resolved within one business day or less (unless its out of our control).

  • What are my payment options?

    BN WebServices will send an invoice to you through PayPal. PayPal is our preferred method of payment. You can setup a free PayPal account and we never see your secure payment information.

  • What are the payment terms?

    Payment terms are as follows:

    Payment is due upon invoice received. If renewing, payment is due no later than 5 days before domain / hosting expires. BN WebServices will send PayPal invoice 1 month before expiration.

    No refunds are allowed as BN WebServices cannot get a refund from GoDaddy. Client is allowed to cancel contract. What that means is BN WebServices will not renew when the expiration date comes and all files will be lost unless arrangements are made.

    View a sample contract.

  • Does the domain and hosting package include building my website?

    This package is only for the domain and hosting. If you need BN WebServices to build a website for you please contact us at We will have questions about your website needs and be able to get you an accurate quote.